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Gilcar S.A.S Can help you solve your logistics problems. We have forklifts at your disposal to meet your needs. Consult the catalog of the equipment of your interest or contact us for more information.

We rent forklifts in the medium and long term, we provide an excellent service of maintenance and we adapt the additions that you require.


  1. Medium term
  2. Long term

You can rent equipment in the medium or long term in order to satisfy your logistical needs.


Our teams are pre-prepared to meet your expectations. They are of excellent quality and of recognized brands in the market. We take care of the transport and maintenance service so that our clients concentrate exclusively on the central activity of their business.

  1. Technicians in house
  2. Overhaul specialized


If additions are required to facilitate the operation we can offer the rental or sale service.

¡let know now our catalogs!

We have the equipment to cover the needs of all your logistics operations